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"Christina, thank you. I know that's not much for what you did but it is heartfelt. As you know, since my car accident in December 2006 I have been suffering from debilitating back pain twenty four hours a day. Living on addictive pain killers has ruined my quality of life. I've also paid many thousands of dollars to various pain treatment services without results. Running out of options I remembered how helpful your treatment had been for my insomnia. Gratefully, after one session with you, I walked out of your office with no pain what so ever and I am now totally pain free. I can't possibly explain what that means to me and my family. I am convinced that your help should not be a last resort for pain sufferers but a first choice."

With gratitude,


Scottsdale, AZ

“Since our session it's like I just found ME. Just the touch of my hand to my face or feet is fascinating. I hug myself, smile at myself, watch my train of thoughts. Directing myself to look inside to see what’s already there.”


Los Angeles, CA

"Just checking in to tell you how much of a difference I feel today. While my job is pretty stressful, a co worker commented on my smile and was curious. I emailed her the link to your website. I have been carrying so much tension in my right shoulder and neck area for so long now and am amazed that it has disappeared and I am able to raise my right arm without any discomfort."


Laguna Niguel, CA

"Christina, Thank you so very much for all of the help that you have given me. Getting past these fears will add much richness and ease to my world. The flight back was very smooth and relaxed, as I am sure that it will be in the future."


Brooklyn, NY

"Hello Christina, When Emily first told me about you and then shared her experience with your beautiful work I sensed then that you would be able to help me. After physically meeting you on Saturday I felt your quiet healing energy and I knew you are to help me."

In Love and Light,


Fountain Valley, CA

"I have gotten more out of this one session than I have in the three months of psychotherapy."


Irvine, CA

"Christina, thank you for all you gave me in 2007. I am so much better and continue to look forward to personal growth."


Santa Ana, CA

"Over the past eight years, I have been under a physician's care for hypertension and diabetes. Upon the slightest exertion like walking short distances, I also developed a very pronounced chest pain and labored breathing. The pain and difficulty breathing would subside if I stopped to rest for about 10 or 15 minutes. My doctors clinically diagnosed this as a classic case of coronary heart disease. They ordered a number of tests to pinpoint the problem including an angiogram, echocardiogram, stress tests and numerous EKGs. No malfunction of my heart was detected. To ease the chest pain I was given nitroglycerine capsules to take but this medication had no effect either adversely or therapeutically.

In the spring of 2008, I went to see Christina Gikas to do a past life regression, specifically to see if I could find out what the problem was. Christina guided me gently and carefully through the experiences I recalled. Since that session with her, I have had no episodes of angina, chest pain, or labored breathing when I am walking or exerting myself physically in any way.


It is my belief which is substantiated by my experience since the hypnotherapy session that I am cured of this problem. It convinces me that we each have within us the power to heal ourselves and to be whole."

Dr. Emily Teipe

"Christina, thank you for all you gave me in 2007. I am so much better and continue to look forward to personal growth."


Santa Ana, CA

"Christina's unique approach really worked for me. After undergoing past life regressions with various therapists, I found that her method really exceeded my expectations. Through her use of imagery and special techniques, I was able to identify and recall more specific information from my past lives that were crucial to my healing. In addition, her direct line of questioning and her ability to take me into a deep hypnotic trance allowed me to accurately identify and recall past-life traumas and resolve them as they relate in my current life. This allowed me to clear a lot of issues occurring in my present life."


Los Angeles, CA

"Life has become more enjoyable and my goals more attainable through my experiences working with Christina. She makes you see things as they really are and not always through rose colored glasses....."


Laguna Woods, CA

"Hi Christina, I am grateful for your presence in my life. Thank you for bringing the warmth, caring and heightened consciousness that only you can be an expression of. While we are fortunate to share connections with so many of our soul family now, it's amazing how the unique expression that each person is never gets lumped into a category. Heightened awareness for me has only proved to strengthen the gratitude that I automatically feel for the uniqueness of each person in my life such as yourself."



Mission Viejo, CA

"Christina, thank you so much for the telephone session yesterday. The phone conversations I have had with you have been very, very helpful as you offer me a lot of things to think about and consider."

Love and Gratitude,


Scotland Neck, NC

"The tape you sent is beautiful (perfect) and I am using it regularly. You are a pro!!! Thanks so much, Christina."


San Diego, CA

"Hi Mad, Christina was a great choice for Jim. He went in so easily that I didn't hear from him for over 4 hours. I guess that first time, when you are ready, takes you down to where you are just floating. He sounds so relaxed. How wonderful for him. Thank you for recommending Christina."



Aliso Viejo, CA

"Your CDs help me tremendously...thank you again."


Irvine, CA

"I hope you are doing well. It was so nice meeting with you. I would like to give you an update of my situation. My pain is mostly gone. It sneaks up on me on occasions, like standing in lines or sometimes sitting. When this happens I picture the blue healing light on my spine and it goes away. I went back to Gyrotonics and I had no pain at all and could do the exercises much easier. Thank you so much for all of your help and I will recommend you to everyone. God Bless you."


Newport Coast, CA

Christina Gikas, C.Ht., Msc.D.

Counselor, Teacher, Lecturer​



I can assist you on your journey toward self-actualization, self-fulfillment, and healing with the use of hypnosis, imagery, specific inquiries, and counseling.